About us


EnerVeles is a petroleum and petrochemical product business partner. We are not traders. Rather, we work directly with a number of refineries, large volume sellers, buyers and those offering and requesting smaller volumes in long-term business relationships.

Long term contracts

Understanding markets

We understand the drivers of the petroleum and petrochemical markets. Major factors like economic development, population growth and fuel and energy demands are coupled with the political environment where both suppliers and buyers have significant impacts on the successful execution of contracts.

Therefore, at EnerVeles, we aim to understand emerging needs and challenges to generate and manage our vital long-term relationships.

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Business approach

There are three main business approaches to consider, especially in complex business environments:

  • Long-term business relationships
  • Well prepared contracts to improve communication
  • International contracts with local knowledge

Each of these three approaches is crucial. Long-term relationships allow you to know your business partners well and to establish mutual trust. Having clear contracts allows you to understand the process. Further, having well-prepared documents allows you to clearly distinguish responsibilities. Finally, understanding the international business environment allows for in-depth knowledge of local markets, which facilitates well-organised logistics and results in the efficient execution of contracts.

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Our markets

We execute our business internationally with major contracts currently being negotiated in Europe and the European Union.